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Friday, 27 January 2012

Met’s extravagant perks for senior officers must now go

At this week’s debate on the Mayor’s budget Dee Doocey once again raised the issue of senior Met police officers continuing to have chauffeur driven cars. Part of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group amendment was to remove such provision (except where required for security purposes). It was also proposed to end free accommodation that is provided to senior ACPO officers.

In responding to questions from Dee, the Mayor finally admitted that these perks can no longer be justified.

Explaining why these perks need to be removed Dee said: “There is no justification at all for senior police officers enjoying chauffeur driven vehicles simply to get to work every day or to be whisked around London to attend meetings.  The provision of free accommodation is another perk which should have long gone."

Dee added: “At a time when the Met’s budget is under such immense pressure and difficult decisions are being made it is simply offensive that senior police officers hold on to these extravagant perks.  Ending these perks would release over a million pounds a year which could be invested in frontline policing.”

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