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Friday, 6 January 2012

Let's stop fare dodgers now - a thousand pound fine!

I think we are all annoyed at the high rises in bus, tube and rail fares. Other countries have it so much better. The £9 or so million that Boris Johnson has spent on six new Routemaster buses is such a waste of money.

Following the introduction of the Mayor’s fare rises for 2012, Lib Dem Leader Caroline Pidgeon of the Greater London Assembly said:
"Once again we start the year with another painful fare package from Boris Johnson.

She then added: "It is now time for a new approach to fares. We need to end the scandal of Oyster overcharging, and introduce targeted measures to specifically help Londoners on the lowest incomes. A one-hour bus ticket and cheaper early bird fares would make a huge difference to the pockets and purses of London's lowest paid workers who have been hit so hard by Boris Johnson’s excessive fare rises."

Incredibly, despite the painful rise in fares, TfL have delayed the introduction of increased fines for fare dodgers. Personally I think that the fines for fare dodging should be a thousand pounds! Simple and easy to remember. The current paltry fines mean you would need to travel often hundreds of bus journeys before getting caught.

Read a full report on the delay in sorting out this issue in the Evening Standard

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