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Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Long New Year's Day Cycle

After a long and fun new year's day evening, bringing in the new year, I remembered I had to get up for a cycle ride starting from outside Ealing Town Hall.

The weather was okay and about 35 people turned up. Cyclists are hardy people and a few hours of celebrating wouldn't stop most from starting the year off on the right foot (or pedal!)

We went from Ealing to Hanwell, then to Greenford and we got to the top of Northala Fields. Cycling round and round until we reached the top. Some great views and the weather was clear enough to see a long way away. Certainly an achievement for Ealing Council a few years ago when they used the waste rubble and materials from Wembley to build the hills. Here is a link to one photo I took:

We then, after a number of  the cyclists had punctures (one experienced biker had three punctures!), got into Harrow. I managed to get up one large(ish) hill but the second was too tough for me. I have been recovering from a neck injury and haven't cycled that much so I need to practice more in the coming weeks. The hill I declined to attempt is pictured here. It is steeper than it looks but well done to the 20 or so riders who did it:
After we got to Harrow (on the hill) we started the decent back to Ealing. The whole journey took about two hours and was about 15 or so miles long. We then relaxed in a pub and had a Sunday lunch. Yum!

The first Sunday of each month the group will be going out, meeting outside Ealing Town Hall at 10am. It is free and the route is different each month so just turn up and get ready for some fun. Lots of good conversations along the way. It isn't a race - the idea is to ride as fast as the slowest members of the group.

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