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Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Message...

So another year has gone by. The one abiding memory I have, concerns the riots in Ealing. The rioters’ behaviour was shameful. We must not forget the loss of life caused in the Ealing riots. The council acted efficiently during the riots and the police acted bravely, but we also need to reflect and individually, and as part of the Council, to ensure everything we do helps as many people as possible and reduce the suffering of others.

The other crucial issue relates to the Council cuts that are occurring. The test of whether the Council is doing a good job is whether vulnerable residents are omitted from suffering. So far this has not been true but it has to be a real priority – in reality and not just in words.

Liberal Democrats believe that the Council needs to continually look, at what spending gives little benefit to residents and businesses – then target money to those most in need.

My personal New Year’s Resolution, is to continue to shop and eat local, in Ealing.

I was watching the news recently about the need to get more blood donors. These are needed very much and it is painless - you even get a free biscuit. I am diabetic and so am not allowed to give blood sadly. The website to know more and find out where you can give blood is here:

I wish everyone a happy new year.

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