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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Do you play or want to play social cricket?

I play a lot of social cricket in the Summer (when it is meant to be warm!). Our home pitch is in North London but we play all over London and outside London to get away from the streets paved with gold.

The club (Washington Cricket Club) plays to a medium standard and we often have new players who haven't played for a number of years. If you would like to play then there are no tests - you just turn up, meet the lads and have some fun. We win some, we lost some.

Follow @WashCricketClub or visit our website at:

Last weekend we had our annual awards which is a chance for players in the club to socialise with players and partners. It ended in a karaoke this time! I was lucky this year (I have played for ten years and never been nominated for any award) and was nominated for two awards. I managed to pick up one which was the Most Improved Player of 2011.

Check out this photo: Gary Malcolm winning something for his then empty trophy cabinet

The club is great and I appreciate the main players for choosing me. It has motivated me to try even harder this year to get more wickets and win an award this year.

So if you would like to play social cricket and have fun then check us out at:

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