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Friday, 10 February 2012

Round One: Brian Paddick vs. Johnson & Livingstone

Many residents I speak to in my ward want their local politicians to improve things but not claim they will change the world if they can't.

That's what the Liberal Democrats in Ealing do. If we disagree with the Labour administration then we will say so clearly explaining why. But just campaigning against something is not enough. You need to have some positive vision for a plan, for an area.

This is the same for Brian Paddick who is the Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate. He has decades of experience working from the bottom to the top of the Met. He knows how to reduce crime and wants to make policing in London more local.

Looking at his two rivals for the post of London Mayor we can see that both of them have made a multitude of statements that clearly do not stand up when you compare to the facts of whether their plans measure up financially.

Mark Pack has excellently compiled a dossier concerning both Johnson & Livingstone. As it states, the public will vote in May about whether one of them should become Mayor (and run the Met police) or will residents vote for Brian Paddick who clearly is not a conventional politician - he has had a real job which shows he is someone who makes the right decisions on the important matters - like crime.

I will be voting to Brian in May. Each time I see him I am more impressed than the last time.

But this is round one. It will go all the way to the final bell.

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