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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association General Meeting - Feb 2012

Yesterday morning I attended a local residents' association meeting. It was held in the Scout Hut on Rugby Road and a number of issues were raised:

Lighting up Southfield Recreational Grounds: the ward panel agreed to add lighting for two paths across the Rec. More details can be found here. There were many residents who felt nervous about using the Rec when it was dark. There also was a serious attack in the Rec a few months ago. Lighting will be helpful to get more people using the tennis courts or getting to and from work. Before the lighting can be installed the Leader of the Council needs to sign off the decision.

Police Advice: One of the local police team spoke at the meeting and gave some clear advice - do not leave items on view whether that be your car or through the windows of your home. One resident as said by the police to have left the car door open, with the keys in the ignition, whilst having a cup of tea at a neighbours home! Crazy or what.

CPZ consultation: it is likely that in a few weeks Ealing Council will be consulting the current CPZs. The idea will be to see whether people are happy with the Controlled Parking Zone or not, whether the days or operation should be reduced or lengthened and whether the hours of operation should be changed. If you want us to let you know when the consultation is posted to residents, then pop me an email to

Crime good news: the police also mentioned that a couple of teenagers were arrested as they are suspected to being involved in stealing other teenagers' mobile phones in and around Acton Green. Well done to the police.

If you want to see more about the residents' association please click here.

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