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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Ealing police will be a changin'

I attended the Southfield ward panel on Monday evening where residents, ward Councillors and the police review recent crime trends and set plans to avoid likely criminal actions.

The local ward Sergeant Darren Gray spoke about the high level of crime in Southfield ward compared to the same month last year (and there is still another week or more to add to the crime stats). He did reassure us that these apparently high crime levels were low compared to areas in the opposite end of the borough.

He did mention that a lot of the crime was people leaving items on show (in their cars or homes) such as purses or laptops. Quite simply anything you leave in the car will encourage them to break in. Take items out and even leave your glove box open so they can see nothing in present and worth nicking!

Then he went on to potentially a large change in the Met which will affect Ealing hopefully in a good way. Basically when you call the police using a 999 call the current situation means that all police cars are contacted and often many rush to the scene of the crime. Sounds great but you often have too many cars present doing nothing. Then they rush off to the next one and again potentially too many cars. Not very effective.

The new Met commissioner wants to alter this. Apparently it will mean that the police will be more tied to local areas and so one level will deal with the main priority calls and another level below will go to the important but not urgent calls (and most of them will be on foot) and the third group will be the current Safer Neighbourhood Team who are looking to be more proactive in their ward often trying to prevent crime than just dealing with the aftermath.

It does sound like more police will not be wasting time. We await to see more on this. You heard it here first.

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