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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Acton Green Residents Association AGM 2012 Report

At the AGRA meeting tonight a number of interesting local issues were discussed:

1. Firstly the crime figures for 2011 were discussed. They showed that crime had gone down by about a third compared to 2010. However in the first month of the year it appeared that motor vehicle crime had gone up. The advice given was from people not to leave items on view on the passenger seat or the back seat. Also it was said that March and October are times when cutting your hedge was more vital (as they allow burglars to hide from people passing by).

2. The Chair mentioned a number of improvements that were to happen, some coming from the Southfield ward forum which I chair. These included: new park benches, a road safety scheme for Bollo Lane, a consultation into a possible road safety scheme for Cunnington Street and new recycling bins near Chiswick Park tube station.

3. I spoke up about the planning application which is taking place concerning a possible 120 or so new flats on 2 Colonial Drive, which is adjacent to Bollo Lane. Residents spoke up about the negatives such as parking issues, the overlook from tall buildings and the effects on wildlife who are present on the Gunnersbury Triangle.

Click to see AGRA's website.

They are looking for someone to update the text on the website. If you live in Acton Green, Chiswick let me know or contact AGRA. It is run by volunteers and they are a great bunch of residents.

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