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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ealing Charity Event Raised nearly £2000

Tonight I attended a fun event where we had a meal and placed bets on fictitious horses (a Race Night) to raise money for three of charities that the Mayor of Ealing is supporting this year.

The three charities are the Chiswick Lifeboat Station, Epilepsy Action and CAPE (an independent outreach and day service for individuals who experience Mental Health Problems some of whom are considered 'hard to engage').

The event raised just short of £2000 and all those attending the event in Hanger Hill, Ealing had a great time. This was an event where people from all political parties actually get on and chat! Of the six bets I put on I won one which I think was about par for the course. The food was nice and it was good to see local groups who help residents, some who have big problems, get the help they need to enable them to have a better life.

I say well done to all those who helped cook the food, organise the event and make it a worthwhile event. And well done to Mayor for turning up when it was his birthday (we sang him happy birthday!)

Not quite the £50 million that Sport Relief raised but in its own way events like this are very important.

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  1. With that amount, you can already do a lot of things for those who really needs it. Plus it was the efforts being given that was really the defining moment of this event.
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