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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mayor Johnson Lies Again About the Olympics

It has been repeatedly said that under the Get Set Scheme 125,000 free tickets would be allocated to London school children,  and that would be one in eight school children in London. These figures are quoted in a number of Mayoral press releases and there is even a video of the Mayor saying that!

However, it turns out that in practice just 95,761 tickets will be allocated to London school children.

For the Mayor's office to now be claiming that despite always saying "125,000 children"  or "125,000 pupils" they actually meant school kids and teachers is a bit rich to put it mildly.    Also, why when the scheme is restricted to children aged from 10 to 18 years is there a necessity for so many teachers to supervise the children - a ratio of one adult to every three children (many of which are actually young adults) seems very odd?  The fact that the Mayor's office are also talking about allocating some of the tickets to sports clubs is again not what was promised.

Time and time again the Mayor has promised that 125,000 London school children will get free tickets to this year's Games under the Get Set Scheme. It seems the Mayor is now using smoke and mirrors to disguise the  fact that he is now including adults in the total figure of 125,000.

Boris Johnson should come clean and let us know whether his long standing promise to London school children will be met, or whether he will be disappointing some 30,000 school children who won't now be getting tickets to the Games.

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