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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mayor Closing London Fire Brigade Museum is "economics of the madhouse"

Well done to Mike Tuffrey, Lib Dem London Assembly Member, who asked a series of detailed questions putting the strong case for keeping the London Fire Brigade Museum open.

Mike who is also a member of the London Fire Emergency and Planning Authority, uncovered that since 2005/06  the annual attendance to the museum has tripled. The real cost to the taxpayer of keeping the museum open is just £81,000 a year, but the cost of the cost of closing the museum and storing the collection is estimated to be more than three times higher, at £276,000.

The London Fire Brigade Museum is growing in popularity and is remarkably cheap to run. The idea of closing it down and spending a fortune on putting the collection in storage is simply economic madness. The facts speak for themselves that this museum should be protected.

The approach being taken by Boris and the Conservative leadership of the London Fire Emergency and Planning Authority (LFEPA) is to rush ahead with closing the London Fire Brigage Museum.

This type of approach is the economics of the madhouse both in terms of public money and in protecting London's heritage.

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