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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Every Londoner now owed £8 by embassies that dodge paying the Congestion Charge

Figures announced today by Caroline Pidgeon showed that the amount of unpaid Congestion Charge and penalty charge notices owed by embassies and diplomatic missions that evade paying the Congestion Charge is now more than £60 million.

Shocking is the only words that can be used. That means that every single Londoner is owed more than £8 by non paying embassies and diplomatic missions. Perhaps I shall visit each embassy and get my £8 this weekend?

Two months ago Transport for London admitted that the total unpaid bill had reached £58.1 million by the end of December 2011 (see page 14 of the enclosed report).  With the unpaid bill rising by almost £1 million a month, the total bill has now broken through the £60 million figure.

There are too many overseas embassies are insulting Londoners by evading a charge which everyone else - including  the Queen -  has to pay if they wish to drive in central London.

As expected under Boris Johnson the total amount owed by the embassies and diplomatic missions has tripled and every Londoner is now owed eight pounds. Instead of making excuses and making his hair nice and fluffy the Mayor must take real action to tackle this huge loss of revenue and stop this evasion of the Congestion Charge.

Back at the end of 2009 the London Assembly called on Boris Johnson to write to every head of state which had an embassy in London that didn't pay the Congestion Charge and told the Mayor to publish online the responses he received.  Boris Johnson rejected this plan and has instead allowed the unpaid Congestion Charge bill to soar.

I am sure Boris has enough money to pay us all £8 so perhaps I should pop along to City Hall and get my £8 from Boris personally.

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