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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association AGM

Despite the cold weather this morning I attended the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association AGM this morning. Once in the local scout hut there was coffee which was welcomed by the residents who had already arrived.

Their meetings are never boring and procedural. They chat about local matters and often have the police and ward councillors, including myself, in attendance to answer questions about some of the current topics of interest.

One issue that was raised was a social summer party in June. Last year it was great - they have face painting for the children, a BBQ, a Pimms bar, a baking table and refreshments plus music were readily available. It aims to break even or raise a little money. The atmosphere was great and I look forward to this event next month!

I have been asked to do the BBQ so given I like cooking this should be a nice afternoon. Hopefully the weather will be nice. Fingers crossed. I was lucky in last year's raffle so might buy a few tickets this year. Again, fingers crossed. If I lose then any monies raised by the event is ploughed back into the future social events so residents can have more fun.

The serious issue of the proposed Thames Tunnel was then raised. A meeting has been organised with representatives from Ealing Council, Thames Water so that residents can ask questions and see Thames Water's current proposals about the tunnel. A website with more information is here.

If you want to see more about what the Southfield Park Triangle Residents' Association are up to check out their website.

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