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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Topics that Ealing Council might scrutinise this year

Myself, a number of Liberal Democrat councillors as well as others discussed topics (some from residents) that Ealing Council might scrutinise in the coming year.

Ealing Council has four committees that will be focusing on a range of topics. Today was a chance to add new ideas and come up with a more concise list which will be agreed in the next couple of weeks. Ideas that were discussed and generally thought to be useful were as follows:

1) Environment and Transport
  • Customer experience (mystery shopping) including people phoning the council, obtaining CPZ permits and vouchers, problems finding information on the Council website
  • Car clubs
  • Road & pavement repairs
  • The Police possibly closing Ealing police station
  • How to encourage more residents to recycle more often

2) Housing
  • Review of Ealing Homes ALMO being brought back in house
  • Beds and sheds / Overcrowding
  • Review of High Street Regeneration - e.g. Hanwell
  • Alcohol - use and social effects

3) Education / Children & Young People
  • Youth unemployment and apprenticeships
  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Adult education
  • Sports and other extra-curricular activities

4) Health
  • Treatment and care for those with Cancer, Diabetes or TB

Although only about a quarter of these might be selected hopefully working on these committees can help the Council improve areas that it manages. Let me know if there is any other topics you feel should be added to the list....

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