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Friday, 18 May 2012

Who is telling the truth - Dennehy or Millican?

It was revealed this week that Ealing Councillor (ex Conservative) Benjamin Dennehy has publicly attacked Conservative Leader David Millican over the blog that he wrote making claims about Southall and its residents.

My take on the blog was that Councillor Dennehy had clearly overstepped his mark and said things that were very offensive to both Indians and residents in Southall. After taking feedback from friends, some in Ealing and others not in London, I made an official complaint against Councillor Dennehy.

This case is still in the process of being heard. I also wrote to David Cameron (yes, the Prime Minister, demanding that he expel Councillor Dennehy from the Conservative party).

Through the online websites and both the Conservative Leader and the ex Conservative councillor essentially makes claims which both cannot be true. Who is telling the truth? Dennehy? Millican? Or neither?

The differences come down to whether Councillor Dennehy is expelled or suspended. Also it is claimed that the Conservative leader approved the blog. Again is this true? Did the Conservative Leader see the blog after it was posted and then believe it was okay?

Have a read of the Ealing Today's article on this matter. Then read the story in the Ealing Gazette. I normally would not promote someone else's blog but why not then read  Councillor Dennehy's blog!

Lots of questions and few answers. But one thing is clear the Conservatives are ripping themselves apart on this issue. Why did it take so long for Councillor Dennehy to make an apology?

If I had made such negative claims about Southall and the Indian community I would have thought that an apology should have been made within days not weeks or months. You judge for yourself...

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  1. Multiculturalist4 December 2012 at 06:39

    Some weeks ago the clown-like Cllr Dennehy was crowing about a letter published in the Ealing Gazette. It backed up his anti-Southall comments and was penned by a certain Ernest Pendrous. Cllr Dennehy made reference to it on his blog under the heading "Local resident comes to Cllr Dennehy's defence - Thank you."

    But exactly who is this Ernest Pendrous..? Your readers may like to know that he stood as a candidate for the neo-Nazi National Front in the Ealing-Southall constituency in the 1977 GLC election. He was also the election agent for the National Front candidate in the same constituency in the 1979 General Election.

    On top of this, he signed the nomination form for the National Front candidate for the London West seat in the 1994 European Parliament election. As far as I am aware, he has never renounced his long history of far right politics.

    Doesn't Cllr Dennehy feel ashamed to have got the endorsement of someone like that?