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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Explosives report confirms the utter folly of ‘Boris Island’ plans

In recent weeks I have read many Conservatives stating that they want either Heathrow expanded or new airports built. Crazy. Our area of the country suffers from enough noise and air pollution thank you!

And then today I was reading Caroline Pidgeon, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the Department of Transport’s report into the survey carried out on the SS Richard Montgomery ship which was wrecked with 1,400 tons of TNT explosives inside it, and is located near to where the proposed ‘Boris Island’ airport would be situated.

Caroline said: "The threat of this cargo ship being blown sky high by any construction work needed for an airport in this location is a risk not worth taking.  The devastation and chaos caused by an explosion would be immense. This report confirms the utter folly of Boris Johnson’s proposed Thames Estuary airport."

It is certainly time that Boris Johnson drops his proposals and instead concentrated on the transport issues that he is actually responsible for like getting the buses and tubes working more efficiently.

Please see the MCA Survey Report here.

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