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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Advice on Ealing's Garden Waste collection

Given the two weeks or so of very poor service from Enterprise, in their non collection of household waste and recyclables, many residents have asked about their garden waste.

Sadly the Council is charging for this type of collection when in the financially approved Liberal Democrat budget, residents would not have had to pay extra. We believe recycling should be free - anything else and we are going to reduce participation and increase the chance of fly-tipping.

In particular they have asked whether theirs will be collected even if they haven't paid or are still waiting for their garden waste receptacles. I asked a senior Council officer and was told:

"...The borough is split into two areas, week A (West) and week B (East).  This means for constituents [in Acton and Chiswick] they will be collected on week B and therefore scheduled for collection on 9/4 and 23/4. Any garden waste presented should be collected on those days irrespective of whether a resident has subscribed to green bags. What is supposed to happen is that anyone who has not subscribed to the service should be given a card to explain how to do so.

This arrangement will be in place until the end of April.  The arrangements from May are that for  those residents who opt not to subscribe, their garden waste will not be collected.  At this stage, there are no plans to alter that arrangement, although it will be kept under review. However, if anyone has experienced missed collections, the same message applies i.e. leave the recycling out."

I am told that this week's collections are much better than last week's (I have had fewer complaints) but do let me know if you have any issues to report.


  1. I have been waiting for my garden waste wheelie bin since 26/03/2012 - the council claim that they underestimated demand for this service and cannot provide me with an ETA for my bin. I have no other means of disposing my garden waste and am furious that I have not receieved this service for 6 weeks after paying for it.

    Another poor show from Ealing Council!

  2. I have been waiting for nearly 3 weeks for my green garden sacks. Put my 3 pinks sacks out as advised by the council staff full of garden waste as was told that the recycling collectors had a list of residence who have paid for the service but the recycling collectors took the pink sacks as well so I'm left without any sacks now for my garden waste.

  3. People should not subscribe to this service. It is disgusting that Ealing start charging for garden waste collection and two weeks later we received a notice from the council patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves that council tax hasn't increased for the 3rd year running!
    Put all your garden waste in black bags for rubbish collection. I know it's wasteful but this is the only way the council will see everyone's point. They are shooting themselves in the foot because they wont reach their recycling targets.
    They will have to revert back to the service out council tax pays for!

  4. I think you must not reduce your participation towards recycling.If you are unable to manage your wastes then you can go for the Waste Removal London to serve you.