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Sunday, 29 April 2012

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Holiday Crime

I was speaking to the Safer Neighbourhood team in my area and they passed me some great tips on how to reduce being a victim of crime...

As summer approaches, many of you may soon be planning to go off on a well earned holiday. The police would like all residents to head off on holiday in the knowledge that they have done all they can to secure their homes whilst away.  Here are a few tips which the police team believe may help:

  • If you are going away on holiday for a long period of time ask your neighbour or a relative to ensure your post is pushed fully thorough the letter box, letters sticking out of letter slots can be an indicator that you are away.
  • Remember to cancel your milk and paper orders.
  • Put light timer switches on in the house, try to have one that turns your TV on and off - these are available from all good hardware stores.
Simple advice that we all show try and follow. Do spread the word to help reduce crime.

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