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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Liberal Democrats Demand Explanation About The Waste Collection Cockups

Ealing Liberal Democrats have slammed Ealing Council this week for the huge number of streets that have not had their household waste collected.

The streets in my ward that have not had their waste or recyclables collected either at all, or on the wrong day, include: Bollo Lane, Antrobus Road, South Parade, The Avenue, Woodstock Road, Whellock Road, Fielding Road, Blandford Road, Marlborough Crescent, Blenheim Road, Queens Anne's Garden, Ramillies Road, Berrymede Road, Esmond Road, Rothschild Road, Church Path and Cleveland Road!!!

This was the roads where residents phoned me or emailed me. Tweet me on @CllrGaryMalcolm if your road still does not have your waste collection.

The new contractor needs to smarten up quickly and explain why so many cock ups have occurred. Ealing Council, who chose the contractor, must also share some of the responsibility. The Liberal Democrat Group have asked that a report is produced to explain why the cock ups occurred and what it is doing to stop it happening again.

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