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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Discussed Ealing's Waste Collection Issues with the Chief Executive

For those who live in Ealing you will know for the last ten days or so that some or all of your waste items have been left, uncollected in the street. This is a very sad affair and due to the very poor service that residents are suffering myself and fellow Councillors Andrew Steed, Harvey Rose and Nigel Bakhai, raised this issue at a meeting tonight with Ealing Council's Chief Executive.

A number of things were highlighted during the meeting:

  • Confirmation that 25 percent of roads in Southfield have not had their waste collected this week.
  • Acceptance that their needs to be a change of policy so that streets missed out on a particular day should be treated with a higher priority.
  • Part of the cause of the problem was that the contractor had too few staff, they were not fully trained with the new collection vehicles and the collection rounds were larger than before.
  • That the backlog of uncollected waste is reducing borough wide and they hope to have no backlog by the end of this week.
  • Confirmation that better communication is needed from the Council when communicating with residents who have made complaints about the poor service.

As you can imagine I am currently taking all promises from the Council, and their waste contractor, with a large pinch of salt. But tonight Ealing's Chief Executive was open and honest about the issues he is facing and I could see he is active in trying to ensure that the problems are not repeated next week.

Wherever you live in the borough, do let me know which street you live on if your expected collection does not occur. I will report it to the Council officers who will pass on the details to the Council's contractors.

We have set up an on-line petition to get the Council to hold a review so that this type of poor service cannot happen again. Please sign it yourself and then please pass it on to friends and neighbours. The more signatures the more powerful our statement will be.

The link to click is:

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