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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Is Chiswick's Esmond Road being treated like rubbish?

You would have to be on Mars not to know that the combination of Ealing Council and its new waste and recycling contractor, Enterprise, in combination have left some areas of Ealing and Chiswick with many days of no waste collection.

After regularly visiting different roads over the past two weeks, the winner for the road in Southfield, Chiswick that Enterprise has ignored the most is Esmond Road. See some pictures today of three examples you can see walking from South Parade northwards on Esmond Road (there are about twenty occasions where waste is waiting to be collected):

Since seeing the state of this street I have contacted Ealing Council's CEO and asked that the Council write to residents of Esmond Road and apologise as the residents I saw on this street were quite understandably spitting blood.

I guess Monday afternoon will be the time when we see whether Enterprise gets its act together. Fingers crossed.

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