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Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Southfield "week of household waste non collections" continues...

The saga where Ealing Council's contractor, Enterprise, has failed to collect the waste it should have taken away on Monday, continues. It appears that Ealing Council has some confidence that by the end of today (Thursday) all the streets in Southfield will have had all their waste and recyclables removed.

Earlier in the day a number of streets in Acton Green and Bedford Park were left with uncollected waste. I phoned the Director of the department who are responsible for our waste and recycle collections. Like many residents I am not happy and passed on some of the views of residents at this poor level of service.

I was told of the recent commitment to work late tonight and over the holiday to get rid of the large backlog before the next week starts when (being cynical) something similar might happen.

If tomorrow your road is not clear of waste or recyclables then please email me at as I am speaking to senior management tomorrow about any roads that still are not free of uncollected waste and recyclables.

This is very poor performance by the contractors but the Council hired them so they are responsible. I did see Ealing Council's apology.

It appears that the new contractor hired the wrong sized vehicles and so could not get around the whole of each ward due to some streets being more narrow than most streets. However the previous contractor seemed to collect waste.

Bring on tomorrow, when I will be pedalling around Southfield to check that every street in the ward is clear from uncollected waste.

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