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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brian Paddick Walks the Walk

By far the largest numbers of journeys in London are made on foot. By developing better pedestrian schemes in our town centres and encouraging the growth of ‘green walkways’, we can make our town centres attractive places to shop, work and live. De-cluttering London’s streets, by removing excess signs and street furniture will also help in improving the local environment.

Brian Paddick will lead the way and will:

  • Implement a bold plan to allow pedestrianisation of parts of central London from Trafalgar Square to Oxford Street.
  • Develop a ‘summer streets’ scheme, similar to New York, temporarily pedestrianising streets so encouraging people to explore and travel to their destinations in central London on foot.
  • Provide better signage to help people use pavements and footpaths highlighting the 108 tube journeys that are actually quicker on foot.
  • Encourage walking, through incentives similar to store card loyalty schemes, using Oyster or smart phone technology.
  • Extend 20mph speed limits to dangerous busy streets controlled by TfL where Londoners live, work and play – so reducing accidents and saving millions of pounds from the health service budget alone
  • Set ambitious targets to encourage walking to school.
  • Increase support for schemes like London’s Greenways, making them more attractive to use for recreational activities.
  • There are 347 crossings in London that are unsafe for visually impaired people. Disability access standards must be met for every pedestrian crossing.

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