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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Another Monumental Failure For Ealing

Last Monday was a disaster given most of Southfield ward had none of their waste collected or a couple of items, leaving things to pile up.

Promises given by Ealing Council have sadly not been honoured and residents trust no-one: the Council and the contractor's names smell worse than horse manure.

Today many roads in Bedford Park and streets in Acton Green such as Antrobus Road and Rothschild Road have had only some of their waste collected. I called the most senior officer about this and a Labour councillor responsible for this area of Council activity. Neither could give me any assurances. They said they were to have a meeting with the contractor about the issues.

They said that last week. De ja vu.

I now like residents trust little from Ealing Council about this and my ears are still bleeding from residents who quite understandably are rather annoyed about how they have been treated. The advice from the Council has been patchy and not good enough.

When I cycled around the 70 or so roads in Southfield ward last week I had hoped that it would be useful but now it appears only if we bang the heads together of the contractor and the Council can anything be solved.

I wonder what would happen if residents all sued the Council for the clearly poor service they have received...

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