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Thursday, 12 April 2012

How Brian Paddick Will Bring Jobs For London

Brian Paddick the Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate has been active visiting all parts of the London over the past year or so. London suffers the second highest rate of unemployment of any region in Britain. A new deal for young Londoners is needed:

  • London Youth Contract - he will ensure all jobless young Londoners who apply after leaving school and aged up to 25 are productively engaged, in work or in learning linked to a genuine job opportunity, working with employers to create an Apprenticeship Alliance and ensure graduates get six months real work experience leading to a job.
  • Adult Skills - We will bring the £653 million spent in London each year on adult skills training under the control of the Mayor and appoint a new powerful Business Board to put employers and business in the lead.
  • Five-Star Fund - Brian will set up a fund worth at least £10 million, supported by a voluntary £1 a night luxury hotel bedroom levy, to co-fund youth opportunities in needy areas.
  • Youth Hubs - Brian Paddick will work with banks on funding the development across London of ‘Youth Hubs’, open seven days a week and in the evenings where young people, as well as socialising, can receive advice and support.
  • Access to Education - Brian will make sure no young Londoner is deterred from entering a suitable further or higher education course because of financial concern, by channelling educational bursaries through enhanced careers advice in schools.
  • Supporting enterprise & jobs of the future - Brian Paddick as Mayor will establish a London Small Business Fund. We will work with socially responsible banks, so all viable small enterprises get the finance they need with mentoring support and advice too. He will establish a London Green Investment Bank to co-fund the industries of the future and transform London into a centre of digital technology.

If you have any views on these topics please let me know @CllrGaryMalcolm

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