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Friday 6 April 2012

Today I cycled around 70 or so roads in Southfield...

After the Council said most of the streets in Southfield, Chiswick had now had their household waste and recyclables collected I decided to cycle around each street to check for myself. Yes, I am quite cynical.

Some people have been waiting since Monday to have their waste collected whether it be their black bag waste, recyclable items or their kitchen waste.

Most streets have been partially done but this is not good enough. The streets where I found issues were the following:

  • Clovelly Road - recyclables and some kitchen waste
  • Graham Road - recyclables and some kitchen waste
  • Carlton Road - recyclables
  • Florence Road - recyclables and some kitchen waste
  • Priory Road - kitchen waste
  • Kent Road (Rouham Lane) - lots of black bags uncollected
  • Kingswood Road - kitchen waste
  • Weston Road - kitchen waste
  • St Albans Avenue - mainly kitchen waste but there is an open black bag of household waste outside number 79
  • Fielding (both the East and Western side) - kitchen waste
  • Blandford Road - kitchen waste
  • Whellock Road - kitchen waste

I was told that eight roads were yet to be done in Southfield so the contractor might have been exaggerating from  what I have seen. I even was spotted by two residents opening their green kitchen waste bin (that they had left on the pavement) to check if they had been emptied or not. Sadly the crews had not been around.

I have reported these to Ealing Council and senior management to ensure anything the contractor says to them can be challenged if needed. I also took a lot of pictures of the uncollected waste.

After about 3 or four hours cycling around Southfield I am very tired but probably a lot fitter!

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