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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Making the Cycle Hire scheme work for all of London

Part of encouraging cycling is making the cycle hire scheme work much better. Satisfaction of those who register and actual use a bike is dropping, while many find the casual users’ scheme too complicated. The Liberal Democrats first advocated a bike hire scheme in 2001 and want to make sure it works for the widest range of Londoners. Generating more income will come through greater usage by many more people.

Liberal Democrats will:

  1. Promote the scheme to groups who are not using it regularly, particularly women and younger adults who live in London.
  2. Make the scheme easier to use for casual users with a ‘one swipe’ facility.
  3. Expand to south London and further into West and North London.
  4. Require the contractor to improve overall service levels including the distribution of bikes or face tough penalties.
  5. Increase the annual membership fee to non-Londoners.
  6. Introduce special ‘limited edition’ bikes to celebrate key events such as the Diamond Jubilee, Pride and the 2012 Games and to put some fun back into the scheme.

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