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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Professor David Bellamy Supports Gunnersbury Triangle‏ Campaign

Over the past couple of months hundreds of residents have been campaigning to protect leafy Gunnersbury Triangle from a proposed development. The campaign recently has had a lift when Professor David Bellamy has joined the campaign against the development.

The proposed development on the adjacent land, Collonial Drive, Chiswick, contains over a hundred flats with buildings over 6 stories tall.

Your three Liberal Democrat Southfield Councillors are against this development as it will cause damage to the Triangle, both visually and to the wildlife as the buildings would be only metres away from the border of the Triangle. There would be a lot of parking related issues as well.

David Bellamy when speaking to me recently spoke of the work he did in 1983 to save this "wonderful site from development". He added that: "The Public Inquiry at that time set a precedent in the UK in its ruling that urban nature should be favoured over commercial development.  It would be a terrible wrong to undo the spirit of that ruling by approving a development which would remove many of the benefits which were granted by this decision."

He is quite right. The proposed development is far too big; it is too tall, and too close to the boundary of the Reserve. Many aspects of this proposal will have an extremely harmful impact on the flora and fauna of the Gunnersbury Triangle: the reflective materials in the building; the overlooking windows and balconies; the noise from residents; damage from their pets; potential recreational use for parties and barbecues - these would be impossible to prohibit or enforce against.  The Triangle is proud of the bats which make this Reserve their home - they and the birds would suffer from the light pollution from this enormous structure.

A petition was set up that you can sign on line: Click to sign the petition

If you have questions please contact me by emailing me:

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